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Dear Tom:

Just a quick note to inform you that in checking the Attorney General's Consumer Complaint records for the past 21 years, there has not been even one, single complaint filed with our office against Arbo's! That's not only pretty commendable, it's pretty extraordinary!
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-- Jeff Miller, Mediator - Office of the Attorney General

As the nature of emergency road service is stressful and upsetting to the member, the service provided by your facility could only have been exceptional for the member to contact us.
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-- Jenna Kelly, Member Relations - AAA Southern New England

Prior to finding Arbo's getting my car repaired was always an extremely stressful - and costly - experience. That is no longer the case, thanks to your integrity, honesty, extremely fair prices, friendliness and exceptionally good work.
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-- Jeff Miller

My service station in Mass. had advised me that my transmission needed rebuilding... I called and made an appointment to have it rebuilt at a cost of $1200.00 at Arbo's... You can imagine how I felt when I was presented a bill for $68.00 for some minor repairs.
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-- Patrick Manning

On a recent trip to my camp in Ellsworh, my GMC Suburban began to make strange and scary sounds... It turned out to be a loose bolt in the flywheel. Not only was I relieved but they tightened up everything and charged me only an hours labor.
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-- Tom Christinat

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